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How To Set Up A Hookah

How To Set Up A Hookah

What You’ll Need

●  Hookah pipe (Base and Tray)
●  Hookah Tongs
●  Hose
●  Bowl
●  Tobacco
●  Aluminum Foil
●  Poker or Toothpick
●  Hookah Charcoal
●  Burner,Lighter, or Torch

Step 1

To ensure the best hookah experience make sure everything is clean! Next you fill your base with water, you can use cold water for a cooler and fresher smoke or room temperature water. Fill your base with water about one inch above the down stem. Now you can attach your stem to the base using a vase grommet. Make sure the seal is airtight. You can now also attach the hose, once the hose is connected you may test out the airflow to your liking.

Step 2

How you pack the bowl is one of the most important parts in having the best Hookah session. Begin by opening your tobacco and stir/ break it up so that the juices can be evenly distributed. Next sprinkle the tobacco into the bowl evenly slightly below the rim.

Step 3

You can use 2 layers of heavy duty foil or you can use one layer of **** foil. Cover the bowl tightly with the foil.We have pre-poked foil available on our website along with hookah pokers which makes the set up process much easier; another option is a toothpick. If you use a toothpick then poke holes evenly around the foil to create airflow as shown above.

Step 4

Depending on what type of charcoal you have will determine how you should light it. If you are looking for a longer burn for over an hour we recommend Natural Charcoal. If you are looking for a shorter hookah session for about an hour or less then you can use Quick light charcoal

Natural Charcoal

-For natural charcoal you will need a burner. Take 2-4 coals and place it on your burner or stove until it is glowing red then flip the coals and do the same.
Quick Light Charcoal
-For Quick Light you can use any lighter, match, torch, pretty much any open flame. Pick up the charcoal one by one with hookah tongs and burn it until it is evenly lit.

Once the charcoal is lit, place it on top of the hookah foil 

Step 5
After everything is set up, wait about 3-5 minutes for it to heat up. You can finally enjoy your hookah! Remember to rotate your coals periodically, when you rotate your coals make sure you are placing them in different placements than they previously were so that your tobacco is burning evenly.

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