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A World of Flavors at Your Fingertips:

Each month, the FlavorFusion Box brings you an exciting mix of seasonal hookah flavors. Our vast selection ensures a delightful discovery of tastes you'll love and new sensations to explore. From classic favorites to exotic new blends, Adalya's range of flavors promises a unique journey every time, guaranteeing both familiarity and surprise in every box.

Choose your ideal charcoal each month:

33mm Charcoal: Effortlessly light up for a quick start and enjoy a 30-45 minute burn. Just two discs are perfect for each session.

60 Flats:

These half-cube, coconut shell charcoals require 2-3 pieces per hookah, ensuring over 45 minutes of premium burn.

72 Cubes:

Opt for a longer experience with full cubes that burn for over 60 minutes, needing just two per session.

Convenience Meets Quality:

With the FlavorFusion Box, running out of charcoal or flavors is a thing of the past. Delivered right to your doorstep, this monthly subscription provides everything you need for an unparalleled hookah experience. Enjoy the ease of having your essentials and the excitement of exploring new tastes, all in one box.

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Tired of Guessing Which Shisha Flavor to Choose? Our monthly FlavorFusion Box is the solution. Receive a curated selection of three 50g shisha flavors each month, carefully chosen to enhance your experience and simplify your choices. Dive into a new world of taste every time, finding your favorites with ease and excitement.


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