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Fakher kgm Mint Cream Kgm

by UsHookahSupply
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Availability: In stock

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Enjoy Al Fakher's Mint Cream Mint is one of Al Fakher's most popular flavors, and for good reason, but with Mint Cream they have made it a little more complex. Along with the cooling effect of natural mint leaves, you'll also find a subtle note of creamy vanilla throughout your session.A global leader for close to 30 years, Al Faker Shisha Tobacco was founded in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). Formulated in the center of where Hookah started, Al Fakher has quickly become one of the worlds highest-grade tobacco due to its constant flavor and smooth smoke. Created from custom blends with strong flavor, this brand will never leave you wanting.

Each 1000gm/ 1KGM container will contain enough Shisha for 60-75 hookah sessions**.

** Please note: This amount is based on traditional ratios for packing

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