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Red Ruby Quick Light Charcoal 33MM

by UsHookahSupply
Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock

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Get ready to take your smoking game to a whole new level with this premium, highest quality charcoal. Perfect for hookah connoisseurs who want no-hassle, easy clean up and instant lighting. Just one match is all it takes to get the party started – and rest assured that Red Ruby 33mm Charcoal will burn hot without fail. Say goodbye to long wait times, stale charcoals and wasted product.

Each box contains 100 charcoals ready for you to relish in an unparalleled hookah smoking experience each time. Every time! Come and see for yourself why Red Ruby 33mm Charcoal is so beloved by hookah enthusiasts far and wide. Keep 'em coming back for more with incredible taste, effortless lighting and fast clean up. Enjoy nonstop satisfaction with Red Ruby 33mm Charcoal – get yours today!
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