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Red Ruby Quick Light Charcoal 40MM

by UsHookahSupply
Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock

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Smoking quality hookah just got a lot easier with the introduction of Red Ruby 40mm! Professionally crafted to ensure superior quality, these instant lighting coals make smoking an effortless and comfortable experience every time. Whether you’re an experienced connoisseur or new to the hookah scene, these charcoals will help you enjoy your session. With Red Ruby 40mm, you no longer need to hassle around with multiple matches in order to light your coals. For convenience and optimal performance, simply use a single match to get it burning hot - fast!

Red Ruby 40mm is also much bigger than standard 33mm size so it lasts longer during each smoke session. Additionally, due to its professional grade construction, there isn't any mess at the end of your use like traditional coal products creating easy clean-up. When it comes to providing excellence in hookah smoking, don't accept anything less than our Red Ruby 40mm for maximum satisfaction without all the hassle. Get yours today and treat yourself to top class hookah enjoyment!
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